Love County Bedding

Happy Horse Bedding

Bedding is expensive, it’s a fact. Ensuring that your animal’s stalls are properly and comfortably bedded is one of the greatest expenses for any operation. Here at Love County Feed, our Happy Horse Pine Bedding is designed to provide quality bedding products without the extra cost. As horse owners ourselves, we understand the importance of reducing the animal bedding costs, while maintaining a quality, effective product. We understand the importance, personally, and want to pass it on with one of our four brands of Happy Horse Bedding Products:

Happy Horse Easy Pick

This is our number one seller for a reason. Easy pick bedding will outperform traditional pine shavings by over 40%. Easy Pick is designed to be a finer shaving that allows for easier waste removal, and it is more absorbant than traditional bedding. This smaller particle shaving is still low dust and easy to clean, meaning less waste of your time and money. Our compact “Easy Tote” bags make traveling easier and convenient for storage. You will save more by disposing of less and using less bedding with Happy Horse Easy Pick. (Available in bulk!)

Easy Pick Horse Bedding